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PreFormance National ClinicsThe 2022 All National Music PreFormance Clinics for Bands, Choirs, Orchestras at the Middle and High School levels. Live or Submit Events.
Times ChosenVirtual
March- April2022
Infinity Music Festival2022 National Music Festival
Times ChosenVirtual

1. Choose Your Performance Event. Bands, Choirs, Orchestras can select PreFormance Clinics or Composer Master Class. Soloist and Small Ensembles choose Solo & Ensemble.

2. Choose Performance Type AND the date and time (you can scroll to the NEXT month to the right and left of the month name even if you can’t see the icon)

3. Complete the Registration form with selected ensemble

4. You will be emailed a pending registration and another once time is confirmed.

5. You will be sent an invoice to the email address you inputted into the form