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PreFormance National Preparation Clinics for Middle and High School Band, Choir, Orchestra, and Flex Ensembles

In partnership with RWS Music Company


Concert/Symphonic, Jazz, Chamber, Flex


Concert, Mixed Voice, Chamber Ensemble, Gospel Choir, and Show Choir


Full Orchestra, String Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble, and Guitar Ensemble

Now Inviting Middle and High School Performing Ensembles

Focus on Music, Education, & Preparation for Performance Events and Music Assessments. We want to help YOU and your students!

PreFormance Clinics
Jan 26-April 8, 2021

60 Minute, 3 Panel National Adjudication and Mini-Clinic for Band, Choir, Orchestra, Guitar, Jazz, Stage, Chamber, and Flex Ensembles

– PreFormance National Assessment Clinic – designed as a preparation clinic to assess and work with the director and ensemble to gain valuable evaluation and feedback as you continue to prepare your ensemble. OR – complete MPA experience alternative.

– Perform LIVE from your school or stage VIRTUALLY via video conference! OR, submit your best rehearsal video (Event runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the date range)

– Mini-Clinic for the remainder of the time after your performance with the panel adjudication

– Top Adjudication from National Qualified Panel specific to your performance category (Band judges for Bands, Voice for Voice, Strings for Strings!)

– Traditional Commentary with both Audio and Scoring sheets with grading and ratings (available for download post performance)

– Add on a Conducting Adjudicator for the ensemble director (+$75)

– Add on an instrument or voice specific coach/adjudicator (brass, ww, voice, violin, bass, percussion, etc… +$75 each)

– Meaningful Virtual Awards for your ensemble and complete press release kit as well as social media promotion of your group!


More than one ensemble? Each additional group is +$225

*Playing RWS Music Co Publication? Subtract $50 Music Credit

Composer Master Classes
Jan 25-April 8, 2021

Up to 90 Minute Master class with the composer of a work your ensemble is currently working on

– Live Master Class with the Composer and your school ensemble from your location (Event is on demand/advance booking from the school director)

– Immersive, virtual experience for you as a director and your student ensemble working with the composer

– In-depth knowledge and performance expectations and ways to make the composition come to life best for your ensemble — straight from the composer!

– The Composer will work with you and the ensemble virtually on their composition throughout the master class

– Traditional Commentary with both Audio and Written evaluation (available for download post performance)

– This all done virtually via a scheduled Video conference!


*Credit of $50 if performing an RWS Music Company Publication

Solo & Ensemble
Virtual Festival+
April 19-24

National Solo Festival for Instrumental and Vocal Soloists and Small Ensembles

– Perform LIVE from your performance location (Event runs Monday through Saturday during the date range). *Must perform a work from your state approved solo & ensemble list.

– Top Adjudication from National Qualified Panel and/or Professional Performer specific to your instrument. Mixed ensembles will have a qualified Music Educator.

– Traditional Commentary with both Audio and Scoring sheets with grading and ratings (available for download post performance)

– All Gold, Silver, and Bronze rated performances earn a medal (Medals are additional $5)

– Gold medal award winners will be invited to an instrument specific master class session with a top national professional instrumentalist or vocalist (additional cost)

– Soloist/Ensemble can pay directly electronically (not through the school). Each soloist/group registers individually

– This all done virtually via a scheduled video conference!

$40 each event

+$5 each additional performer over the soloist

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